Revitalizing Your Club

Club Building Success Metrics - Simple? - from Lance Miller, DTM, World Champion of Public Speaking

Somebody Else's Problem - from Lance Miller, DTM, World Champion of Public Speaking                    

From Guest to Member - from Toastmasters District 61

Recruit - Retain – Recognition - from Toastmasters District 61

Finding New Members for your Club - from Toastmasters District 61

Benefits of Joining Toastmasters - from Toastmasters District 61

Toastmasters Speech Contests

Revitalized Education Program

How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club

Membership Recruitment Campaign

Club Coach Program

Club Mentoring Program

Reinvigorating Your Club Checklist - prepared by Scott Minnes, Advanced Speakers Toastmasters

Success 101 - from Toastmasters International

Creating The Best Club Climate - from the Successful Club Series

Moments of Truth - from the Successful Club Series

Keeping the Commitment - from the Successful Club Series

The Basics of Membership Retention

Member Interest Survey
- from Toastmasters District 25

How to Get the Most Out of Your Toastmasters Experience
- from James Feudo

Evaluate Your Club

How Does Your Club Shape Up? - from Fran Watson

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